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Seethong 555 Co., Ltd.,

The leader of envelope manufacturers

under the brand “555” in Thailand. For 80 years of experience

we have been dedicated to manufacture and distribute the high-quality envelopes. As one of the key player in this field, we are specializes in standard envelopes which are vary more than 120 types,

such as White Envelopes, Government Envelopes, Window Envelopes, Color Envelopes, Open End Envelopes and also Special Open Envelopes etc., which are here waiting for your selection.

Why must choose "555"


Every envelopes pass QC before delivery. We are only one company whom have an envelope guarantee if defect from production.


80 year Experience of this field and professional teams.
We are yours assistance of envelopes.


Every questions about envelope, will have taken care from expert sales teams prompt to advice you.

Seethong 555 Co., Ltd.,

has a big market share scoped on the customers in Thailand. Everyone could see our products in the Department Store, Discount Store, Printing Shops and Stationery Shop as well. Moreover, we expanded market throughout the world by exporting our products to Oversea, especially for Europe, Africa, Japan and CLMV.

Seethong 555 Co., Ltd., We are confident to guarantee that our customers will get the high quality produces and the best services with the reasonable prices.